Since November 2017, Attorney Francesco del Deo has joined the Law Firm of  Attorney Andrea Copello, Professor and Attorney Massimo Ceresa Gastaldo and Attorney Cesare Fumagalli, creating a new professional reality.

The Law Firm DEL DEO comes from the experience of the attorney Francesco del Deo, who, after having worked with well-known lawyers and attorneys in Genova, in 2010 decided to found his own law firm and through the years decided to make use of prepared professionals.

The extensive penal experience takes place both at ordinary courts and at the Juvenile Courts of throughout Italy.

The firm has its headquarters in Genoa, but it is able to operate throughout the national territory, thanks to consolidated links with studies partners.

Thanks to the presence of attorneys  with different specializations the firm is able to ensure the client with a complete assistance for effective protection even in other areas of law.

The firm’s attorneys are fluent in Italian, English and French.